March 11, 2010

Warby Parker eyeglasses.

$95 for really beautiful retro-inspired glasses, complete with prescription lenses. I'm completely fascinated by this company. They offer free shipping, home trials and returns. For every pair bought, they donate a pair to someone in need. You can upload a pic of yourself to try their glasses on online. It's just so damn cool. I love it.

Warby Parker is very different in two ways:

We create our own designs:
We're independent. We don't partner with the massive international companies who charge consumers astronomical prices. We take great pride in designing our own eyewear and refuse to charge outrageous prices for our frames.

We sell directly to you:

Retail markups on frames and lenses are remarkably high. Our web-based sales approach allows you to bypass the middlemen and the high prices they charge.

Welcome - Warby Parker


figment said...

for the first time i really wish i wore spectacles.

martina said...

I am so going to get one of those! They're fantastic, thank you, B!