February 12, 2010

Sagaform Herb Pot Trio.

Sagaform's herb pot, a simple solution to prolonging the life of your fresh herbs is one of our most popular items. Now, triple the experience with the new trio. Same great design, just with three separate openings so you can keep your mint separate from your basil! Scandinavian in its simple, unadorned and practical design, this ceramic pot is an ingenious way of enjoying fresh herbs much like flowers: Insert a bunch in the enlarged opening, and keep hydrated by pouring water into the corner hole. The broad base ensures that all those little stalks have access to water, while allowing air to circulate so herbs keep from becoming limp and waterlogged. Easy to take apart for cleaning. Packaged in it's own gift box, it makes a wonderful gift. Size: 15.75" l x 5" w

Sagaform Herb Pot Trio by: Sagaform - Huset-Shop.com

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