December 21, 2009

Las Vegas, Nevada, November 2000.

Las Vegas, Nevada, November 2000
by Mike Sinclair

When I took this picture my sister was living in Las Vegas and I was going out pretty regularly to visit her. I had a routine of photographing in the late afternoons and often she’d come along. We liked discovering her new town together. Usually, we’d start at Las Vegas Boulevard and slowly drive out to one of the edges of the city. The town was growing like crazy—its population almost doubled between 1990 and 2000. It was changing so fast I feared much of what we saw would be gone by my next visit. Not only were the old casinos being replaced with new ones but on the perimeter of town new subdivisions were starting to replace the small ranches, trailer homes and Christmas tree lots.

We listened to the music of Last Forever a lot on those drives, its merging of old and new melodies seemed comforting. This picture makes me think of lyrics from a song on their first album:

I’m on a planet, held down by gravity,
But there’s a big sky. Up there it’s endless
Reason to believe.

20x200 : Print Information : Las Vegas, Nevada, November 2000

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