October 03, 2009

Silverplated Letterpress Necklace.

A recent work-study program at the New York Center for Book Arts yielded a treasure trove of old moveable iron type (see detail image for our current stock; this is what the type looks like before it is plated). Originally used on hand-cranked Vandercook Proof Presses, each piece of type used in these necklaces were worn out ever so slightly by normal printing use, and were consigned to a bin to be melted down and re-cast. These obsolete pieces (each measures a little under 1" long) have been rescued, plated in sterling silver, and hung from a 22" silver-plated brass figaro chain. Spring ring clasp secures chain at back.

Double Initial Silverplated Letterpress by EricaWeinerJewelry

1 comment:

Scottford said...

If this type is very old, it was more likely used with platen presses (the kind that open and close) rather than on the proof presses. "Just under an inch" is exactly .9186 of an inch, which is, in the letterpress industry, called "type high." I wonder how long the silver plating lasts if it's clinking together like that. It's a nice idea and pretty.