July 30, 2009

Video: 1930’s Futuristic Fashion Predictions.

Worth watching just for the voiceover. The fashion is gravy.

Flavorwire :: Video: 1930’s Futuristic Fashion Predictions


Rebecca S. said...

Loved it! The poor guy at the end gets a pretty boring outfit after seeing what all the women get to wear "in the future!"

Laura said...

That was fantastic. I particuarly like the part with the wedge heels and pants- it was kind of dead on!

jamie said...

"ooh, swish."

Devans00 said...

Pretty fun seeing the art deco inspired fashions. The only thing that really came true were those funky heeless shoes. I've seen those around.

I bet a lot of somebodies are disappointed to not have a Black maid in 2000 as predicted.