July 16, 2009

50s-Style Oak Chairs & Table.

HELP! If anyone knows a place in the US where I can get these (or something similar), PLEASE let me know. I've been looking for a dining set for years and have been holding out until I fell in love. I am head over heels for this set, but it's only available in the UK.

50s-Style Oak Chairs - Graham and Green

(via modern echo)


Chapel Partner (currently bored) said...

UK seller on eBay who sells the same set and ships internationally...

Tallulah and Isabella

Classy Drifter said...

These are great! Love your blog :)

bb said...

Thanks, Chapel Partner. I miss you!

And, thanks, Classy Drifter. Always good to hear nice things about my blog. :)

Mandelion said...

Looking for something vintage? Check out Heywood-Wakefield sets. My folks bought a set at a local antique store for under $1000 (5 years ago) for their kitchen. We all love it! Recommend a Champagne finish and chairs with a "dog biscuit" cut out.

John Coulter said...

Have you seen Room and Board?

Their Oslo table is similar:

i swear they used to have those same chair, but looks like they have other similar styles