January 12, 2009

Bag of Money.

This made me giggle.

We could all use a bag of money these days and so we present this handy Money Bag. Although it does not come with any actual money inside, we love the versatility of this bag and have already found many uses for it around the home such as door stopper, decorative table centerpiece, dream pillow, ..and of course the best use of all...to hold all our loose change! Bags are made of canvas and measures approximately 17" tall.

Three Potato Four - Bag of Money - $10


Unknown said...

I could use a bag of money :)

kiddlebug said...

We need a money tree to grow the money to put in the bag. Anyone know where I can get one of those?

Zana Fauzi said...

I love the idea with the fact that a huge $ is imprinted on the bag!

Anonymous said...

Me too, I ordered it the minute I saw it! I will have it in the office, as a reminder.... :) swissmiss

Unknown said...

Money bags are everywhere, especially those vintage ones! I’m not sure as to where, when, and who started this “money bag craze”, but I think he or she did a good job! May this all-purpose money bag serve as an inspiration or a friendly reminder that we should make it a habit to save money.

-Harriett Faulks