December 02, 2008

For a Brief Time Only.

A photo exhibit at my local Walgreens or CVS? I couldn't resist.

12/3 Update: Just got a message that my pics are ready for pickup at CVS.

On view November 6 to December 4

For a Brief Time Only... is a purchasable exhibition of 24 artists available at a photo developer near you. [...] The image files will be sent to the closest location near you, and within minutes you will be able to walk in and pick them up as prints.

This exhibition contains 24 small 4x6 photographic prints contained within the packaging provided by each store. Also included are a contact sheet with all the artists' information, and a letter to the store employee reassuring that there is nothing wrong with the order.

No money is being made by us in this exhibition. You will purchase the show directly from the store (unless you can acquire it another way), which will probably cost around $5. We would like to make it clear that we have no intentions in promoting sales in these places, which will mostly include major US drug-stores. We think of it more as infiltrating these spaces with our games.

ASDF Makes

(via LOST)

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