August 28, 2008

Bagavond handbags.

My pal, Anna, had a fabulous bag with her when we went out last night after work. Turns out she bought it from our co-worker, Michelle, who has her very own gorgeous Etsy store. All modern designs made from vintage materials. So cool.

p.s. How embarrassed am I that I didn't know this about Michelle? So embarrassed.

Each Bagavond Bag is handcrafted from recycled materials, including leather, fur, and vintage scarves. As a result, each Bag is unique, as the exact mix of materials can never be duplicated. Each Bagavond Bag is meticulously constructed to be functional and fashionable and unite your individuality and ethics.

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1 comment:

marty said...

Michelle's work is exquisite. She made an amazing bag for annie out of recycled leather and teal silk. I really, really want one like it, but to your point, there is only one like it. that is part of what makes it so cool.