August 21, 2008

Alpha Coffee Table.

Not crazy about the colors, and I'm sure that, within a month, I'll be sick to death of seeing this -- but, right now, I REALLY love this concept.

(p.s. why did they shoot the product on that busy-ass carpet?)

This one-of-a-kind conversation table was inspired by a Paris flea market find, then designed exclusively for us by a London graphic designer with a penchant for, and a large personal collection of, antique printers' blocks.

Alpha Coffee Table shopping in Crate and Barrel Coffee Tables


Kt said...

Hmm...I actually quite like the colors, but definitely agree about their choice of staging...maybe they made the carpet too and they are trying to kill 2 birds with one stone and advertise them both at the same time? haha (I hope not, but sounds like something a client would do!)

Anonymous said...

i was so sad to see this. i am making a table kind of like this with real wooden letters.