June 02, 2008

National Geographic Magazine : Gorilla Massacre.

Shocking, sad, educational and beautiful, all at once. This video "documents the significance of the recent gorilla massacres in the Democratic Republic of Congo." The killings were apparently motivated by a political battle between industrialists and conservationists.

The pictures below show park rangers and people of the area sadly and ceremoniously removing the body of a great silverback from the jungle.

Gorilla Massacre Video - Michael Nichols and Brent Stirton - National Geographic Magazine

(via We Make Money Not Art)


Anonymous said...

This is so horrifying and sad.

Anonymous said...

1) As much as I want to love, it's senseless behavior such as this that just makes me hate my own kind.
2) Thank goodness we still have wonderful jounalists out there that still care to write about important things, not celebrity nonsense.
3) I love catching up on your blog!

BB said...

Thanks, anonymice. I feel exactly the same. On both counts. And thank you for making me not dread checking anonymous comments -- usually they're either from my boyfriend or someone pasting me for something they don't like. I'm happy when they're not. :)