June 02, 2008

For sci fi geeks.

Remember Lance Henriksen? The robot guy in Aliens? Frank Black in that 90s series "Milennium?" (An old Friday night fave of mine.)

He makes pottery.


LHRP: Pottery by Lance Henriksen


Anonymous said...

Odd? You used that exact word about my fondness for jam bands. "Odd" is that--this?-- bad in the bb lexicon?

Paul said...

Ripley: You never said anything about an android being on board, why not?
Burke: It never - never occurred to me. It's just common practice, we always have a synthetic on board.
Bishop: I prefer the term "Artificial Person" myself.

czeltic girl said...

Dammit. The link for Lance's online store doesn't work. Must have Lance Henriksen pottery to eat snacks out of while watching Aliens for the 80 squillionth time.