March 16, 2008

Monster Factory.

I do have a soft spot for odd little plushies. And this place has got squillions of them.

monster factory

(via Griffin & Hoxie)


Anonymous said...

Nice to see a fellow odd plush creatures out there. These things are too cute. It'd be fun to have an army of them.

Anonymous said...

I mangled that first sentence. What I get for moving to quickly. It'll just have to remain another digital example of my frequent clumsiness. It's got a surreal quality to it though.

Mateusz Krzeszowiec said...

Guess what my 6m old son will get next week :)
God bless you!

Anonymous said...

the best part - Pickly, their spokespickle.

mandy said...

Haha I love their descriptions, especially Todd's. "Todd puts undue pressure on himself to succeed. It makes him walk too fast." Haha.