March 04, 2008

Best first paragraph ev...well, this week at least.

As The BPP so aptly put it, "I can't figure out if this story is about the worst zoo in the world or the best zoo in the world."

The Las Vegas Zoo (yes, it exists) acquired two animals this year, a leopard and a binturong. The leopard has already gone from arthritic to dead, and the binturong (also know as a bearcat, although it's related to neither bear nor cat) smells of popcorn and Fritos, as is characteristic of the species. His name is Bruce.

The fact that it's run by a chain-smoking ex-homicide detective just makes it all the better.

Our made-do zoo - Las Vegas Sun

1 comment:

gigi said...

hahaha! i totally need to check out that zoo.

i have a dog that smells like fish sticks and popcorn, so i wonder if he could be related to bruce.