February 06, 2008

Snow driving.

I'm posting this for my BFF, Lorraine, my brother, Michael, and anyone who lives in sunnier climes. This was my drive home from work tonight. Prospect Avenue. 6:30 PM.

Snow driving. from BB's Tiny Zen Theatre on Vimeo.


poppy said...


Anonymous said...

holy smokes! swissmiss

czeltic girl said...

Oh, no fair. When I drove up Prospect at 3pm, I had to dodge a stalled bus, trucks towing the cars still stupidly parked in the snow zones and one fender bender. (And one guy in the next lane who just couldn't seem to fathom why everyone was going slowly. Maybe 'coz we like arriving home not dead.)

Of course, I had about 4" less snow than you had to drive in.

We'll call it even. :)

gigi said...

why do we live in the midwest again? it's a week later and still frozen and depressing (though sunny today).

were you steering with your knees while you held your movie camera? :)