February 20, 2008

NPR – Voting in Milwaukee: With Cupcakes

As a huge National Public Radio nerd, I'm stupidly geeked about this. Via Twitter, Laura C. at NPR's Bryant Park Project NY radio show asked me to snap a photo when I voted yesterday. I sent her a few last night – today they're on the BPP blog.

Granted, they're really crap photos, but I was convinced I was going to get thrown out of the polling place for taking pictures, so I was trying to be sneaky. (Which probably would have gotten me thrown out faster than just taking some pictures.)

How chuffed am I? SO chuffed. Thanks again, Laura. You rock.

NPR: Bryant Park Project – Voting in Milwaukee: With Cupcakes

p.s. The rest of my voting pix, including a snap of the cupcakes, are here.


k_co said...

They always have a bake sale at my voting place too! It's lovely!

czeltic girl said...

Way to go, BB! That's fab.