February 07, 2008

Mike Monteiro's word paintings.

Beholder, a marketplace for artists, just relaunched. This gentleman's work caught my attention.

(Be sure to check out the rest of the Beholder site as well. Lots of good stuff.)

mike monteiro : the beholder - a marketplace for artists


Tim said...

You're kidding, right?

If anyone needs me, I'll be over in the corner, despairing for the human race.

Elit Alice said...

but why? because he put some white words on a black background? seriously, im so tired of this kind of "art". its popping up too much on such great sites like yours.

BB said...

Okay, guys. Everybody calm down. Point taken. I just thought they were striking. That's all. No more flames, please.

Elit Alice said...

sorry i didnt mean to flame at all, and if i sounded arrogant thats just my lack of english.

i love your blog and your taste, it was absolutely not against you.
there are so many great art in the world, i just find it sad that such pieces are all over blogs at the moment.

BB said...

elit alice:

Thank you. It was very sweet of you to write back. I have the same reaction against certain types of art or advertising or literature. I completely understand.

Anyway, thanks for commenting. It gave me a chance to check out your blog. I like. :)

timbo said...

I bought a print of one of these paintings over at 20x200.com last year. First of all they really are paintings, actual brush strokes and all, not just printouts...and the mark of the human hand is what makes the prints so special. You don't see this in these reduced screenshots where the black just looks like a solid field. Art ultimately is a matter of taste and if people like elit alice don't get it, so be it... I think my print is rarther lovely and I'm happy you posted.

Elit Alice said...

BB - thanks! :)

timbo - you're right, mine is just another opinion, as is yours. :)
we cant all like the same things.

gigi said...

uh, i may be in the minority here, but i say two thumbs up. snarky jaded youth/pop culture with a nod to helvetica? put it together and it works.

thanks for showing!