February 15, 2008

Luggage art.

Not sure how well it would hold up to actual use, but it's fab as a concept piece. I heart luggage.

Maps and kids and lost parents, you cant go wrong. This great looking case measure out to be 23" in length, 17" in width, and 7" in depth. On the front we have our two kids, ready for action, with a map of america as the background, and a red line showing the everlong trip ahead. On the back, we see the same background, but with a classic station wagon, and some very lost adults. All the figures were hand painted and attached to the case.

Etsy :: finalapproach :: The Longest Road Trip

(via the always-fun, always-fab Shelteriffic.)


gigi said...

these are fun! they remind me of the part in raiders of the lost ark where they trace where he is traveling with a line on the map.

you find the coolest stuff.

Jessie Cacciola said...

this is great -- you have such interesting finds!
- Jessie -