February 25, 2008

Customizable canvas for kids.

Two things:

1) I wouldn't mind a few of these myself.

2) Maybe it's just me but I find "Jim" as a baby's name hysterical. (No offense intended to those of you out there with Baby Jims.)

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jess gonacha said...

he he... i agree with you about the baby Jim thing! it reminds me of my brother (named Marc, not Jim)-- he always wanted to get a dog and name it Steve. So funny!

Jessica said...

I love the dinosaur the best.

BB said...

My friend Jonathan always said that "Dennis" would be a great name for a dog or a baby. I think "Jim" fits in that category as well.

susan said...

i couldn't agree more. jim cracks me up too - and well, i actually heard someone call their 1 yr old jim last week. it made me chuckle.