January 30, 2008

How my web stats made my day.

I smiled when I saw this. (Click image for detail.)


steelbuddha said...

It's true! It's true! I was none of those things before I started reading your blog. And I consider knowing you at all as reading your blog.

But now, my skin glows, I can hold a reasonable conversation in Latin, and everything I say is quoted next to Mark Twain and Winston Churchill!

Seriously, though. You rule and your blog reflects that ruling.

BB said...

Buddha - As always, you are the wind beneath my wings. And the knees of a fabulous bee. x.

popwheel said...

I just found your blog. No...I wasn't the person who made that search ;-)

It's fun reading the stats to see how people find your site! I'm frequently left stunned thinking, "What kind of person searches for that?!?" and even worse, "How did that craziness lead to me?"