January 02, 2008

$25 (or more) easy.

If you used a Visa, MasterCard or Diners Club to make purchases in a foreign currency between February 1, 1996, and November 8, 2006, you are entitled to a refund of fees charged for these credit card transactions. These companies inflated their base exchange rates before they applied their usual 1-3% fees, and they got caught.

You can request an easy refund of $25 or you can itemize your purchases.

Get more information here:

If you didn't receive a refund request form in the mail, you can request one here:
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timmy said...

ohh thats good to know thank you.

czeltic girl said...

Filled out my info online last week. Took option #2 'coz I was out of the country about 50 days during that time. Let's hope that somehow translates to $50. (I'm sure it'll be more like $25.50, but hey, a girl can hope.)