October 26, 2007

This is so bizarre.

Got millions? Four Seasons Ocean Residences. Be on a cruise for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Travelling the world and relaxing at home are no longer mutually exclusive.

Presenting Four Seasons Ocean Residences, a shipboard collection of 112 breathtaking homes, circumnavigating the globe on an endless tour of the world’s greatest cities and most exotic destinations.

Whether for your principal dwelling or for an always-inspiring vacation home, the Four Seasons provides the independence of your own completely equipped private residence. Yet you live aboard an unprecedented cruise liner, complete with Four Seasons dining, recreation and thoughtfully personalised care.

If location is everything, here is a home that gives you an infinite variety of locations – every one to be experienced in legendary Four Seasons style.

Four Seasons Private Residences - Ocean Residences – Private Ship :: Your Private Residence


Scott said...

Beyond horrible!

Cracked me up, bb, thanks.

BB said...

My thoughts exactly.