July 20, 2007

Learning important stuff from my brother.

Here are the things I learned that night, in fairly rapid succession:

(1.) Hornets can live in the ground. I guess I never had cause to think about that previous to Sunday.

(2.) Hornets don't like to be mowed. This I might have guessed, but again, I hadn't much thought about the likes and dislikes of hornets before Sunday.

(3.) Getting stung by hornets is a decidedly unpleasant thing. Just how unpleasant, I had grossly underestimated throughout the many years in which I paid little attention to hornets.

(4) The actual being-stung-by-hornets is, oddly, the EASY part of being stung by hornets. The hard part of being stung by hornets doesn't reveal itself until much later.

- email from my brother, Kevin.

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