June 28, 2007

Little Brother | The propaganda robot.

An oldie but goodie. I would have fallen for this in a heartbeat.

Pamphleteer, aka "Little Brother," is a propaganda robot which distributes subersive literature. Pamphleteer is designed to bypass the social conditioning that inhibits activists' ability to distribute propaganda by capitalizing on the aesthetics of cuteness. The robot's form references a tradition of robot aesthetics developed in science fiction and popular media.

"Studies have shown that people are more likely to accept literature from a robot than a human activist."
- IAA Research

Institute for Applied Autonomy


the teach said...

oooh, I love this cute little robot. I've been reading your blog for somew time now --I love the stuff you show. Would you just hate it if I put the robot up on my Blog?

BB said...

Of course not! Help yourself to anything on my blog. Just give me a "via," and we're square. :)

the teach said...

No prob...Thanks a lot.