June 23, 2007

FOUND Magazine greeting cards.

Just in case a Tiny Little Division of Hallmark doesn't do it for you.

No need to stand in the drugstore trying to choose between Ziggy and Cathy... we here at FOUND made some cards you'll be proud to give away. Sure, mom said she liked that last birthday card, but underneath that smile was boundless disappointment; we think we even heard her mutter, "I went through 26 hours of labor for this?"

Some of these cards match the typical card-giving occasions - Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthdays, etc-- plus we've got some special cards for other occasions you want to commemorate: LOVE, heart-felt apologies.. and we even included a subtle way to get that hot friend of yours to sleep with you. Let us know how they all work out, ok?

FOUND Magazine | Greeting Cards

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