May 11, 2007

Free Motherhood Manifesto DVD.

Good news: MoveOn's sister organization, MomsRising, is offering a free Motherhood Manifesto DVD as a gift to MoveOn members, in honor of Mother's Day. MomsRising is working to get out the word about the challenges mothers face in America. The Motherhood Manifesto is a funny, powerful and intensely engaging film that uses personal stories to make the case for a revolution in the way America treats moms.

Few people realize that mothers make about 27 percent less than a man with equivalent education and experience, and single mothers make about 40 percent less. Or that there are 40,000 kindergartners home alone after school in this country. Or that of the world's top 20 industrialized nations we are the only one without paid sick days for workers. The wonderful thing is, once people understand, they act. Civic Action: Democracy in Action

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QueenKatofTypos said...

Kindergarteners are usually 5-6 years old. It's illegal to leave them home alone. I expect that if people find out that these children are left alone, they are calling child protective services. I understand it must be hard to be a single mom, but leaving a child that young home alone is a good way to get said child taken away from you.