May 24, 2007

Bearskinrug's "Swap Meat Scrapbook."

I bought me one-a these over at Yay for Bearskinrug!

from the BEARSKINRUG site:

I've lovingly compiled The Bearskinrug "Swap Meat Scrapbook," a sixty-page, signed and limited-edition book exclusively for sale at the Coudal Partners Swap Meat.

So what's in it? My stars — sooo much!
Like brand-new comic characters
Numerous spreads that took me days to draw!
Plenty of heretofore unseen art!
A heaping helping of Mojo the Sock Monkey!
Favorite bearskinrug selections, in life-size detail!
Utterly shocking truths of life, revealed!

"The Swap Meat Scrapbook"

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