April 30, 2007

Now THIS is what I call a proper voyage.

If only I was rich, I'd book this and would finally have a reason to buy a steamer trunk...

Your epic adventure begins in the northernmost capital of Europe, Reykjavik. From Iceland you will cruise the waters of the Arctic, Atlantic, Caribbean, Pacific, and South Pole, before completing your journey in Ushuaia, the port capital of Tierra del Fuego, in Argentina. Along the way, you will call at some of the most fascinating and picturesque ports in the Northern and Southern hemispheres, and make a passage through the Panama Canal! You will see Nova Scotia and New England at the peak of their autumn foliage, cruise the sublime Chilean fjords in spring weather, and luxuriate for several weeks in sunny weather as you sail through the captivating tropics. By the end of the trip, you will have traveled the world from pole to pole.

For 67 wonderful days travel to 4 continents, visit 17 countries and explore 44 ports!

Viking River Cruises Landing Page

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** Terramia ** said...

What a teaser! Sounds luxurious!