March 02, 2007

I want a Squirrel Circus!

Squirrel Circus turns any humdrum yard into, well, a Circus. Built of beautiful kiln-dried cedar, its features include a Nuthouse, which squirrels climb to, hang
from and spin on in a delightful quest for peanuts. The Trapeze and Springboard use ears of dried corn to lure performers into dazzling deeds of dangling. There are also Tightropes to be walked (without a net) and a Balance Beam to be scaled.

Squirrel Circus

(via Adrants)


Wishful Thinking said...

I saw something like this on the Discovery Channel I think.

Anonymous said...

While Darcy & Dana would absolutely love this, my neighbors would kill me - one of them actually traps squirrels and releases them at a local park in order to get rid of them.
Needless to say it's a losing battle but I can't openly root for the squirrels without a rife!
your southside sister