January 22, 2007

5 things you may not know about me.

I've been tagged by Czeltic Girl to participate in this lil meme. She probably thinks I was ignoring it. Nay, CG, tis not the case. I just had a hard time thinking of things that you might not know about me since I don't really hold a lot back. Especially after a few drinks.

Anyway, here goes. This will, no doubt, be the longest post you'll ever get from me. You have only yourself to blame.

BB Factoid #1:
In high school, I sang a duet from "Shenandoah" with my best friend on a local cable access channel in Beaver Dam, WI. It was part of a telethon to raise funds for the Beaver Dam High School Hockey team. I have absolutely no idea how I got roped into this since a) I didn't attend BDHS and b) to this day I've never seen a BDHS hockey game. It still baffles me.

BB Factoid #2:
My freshman year of college, I accidentally locked myself in my tiny dorm room closet, looking at a Captain Crunch glow in the dark map. Stepped in, shut the door, then realized there was no doorknob on the inside. I will never forget watching my roommate come in 10 minutes later -- me, peering through the louvred grill of my closet door; my roommate, Julie, jumping about 5 feet in the air when I said her name, then laughing her ass off for about a hundred years when she opened the closet door and discovered what I did.

BB Factoid #3:
I have O+ blood. As demonstrated above, having O+ blood does not make you smarter.

BB Factoid #4:
I think Italian is the most beautiful language on earth. However, the only thing I seem to have retained from my Italian classes is the word "apicultura," which means "beekeeper."

BB Factoid #5:
I hate the sound of whistling. Really hate it. I don't know why, but it sends me up the wall. There is one exception to this, though -- my mom's whistling. My mother has a very sweet tendency to whistle in the kitchen. Very quietly. Kind of like humming to herself. Whenever she was mad at me, I knew she'd gotten over it when she started whistling to herself in the kitchen. And, when she was going through chemotherapy, I knew she was doing better when she whistled. So, Mom, you go on whistling to your heart's content.

So, that's it for me. Having paid my dues, I'm now tagging two of my bestest gal pals and blogging buddies, swissmiss and martina. Have at it, girls.


swissmiss said...

That picture is priceless BB! Priceless! :)

Thanks for tagging me. Here, I did it....

czeltic girl said...

I didn't think you were ignoring it. I'm not sure I followed up on my original tag any faster. :)

And I must say -- I knew none of those 5 things about you (though I probably could have guessed a the whistling one. Or maybe I'd just be projecting my own irritation with whistling.)