December 07, 2006

You are not alone.

Noisy Decent Graphics: The Design Disease

(via co-worker and pal extraordinaire, Czeltic Girl.)


Anke said...

I can't find an email, so i comment this wonderful link. This is a very nice blog. I came to you from Martina Kink Blog and you are now part of some posts in my blog. Thanks a lot BB.

BB said...

Thanks, Anke! This was such a nice message to wake up to this morning! :) And, let me just say, I'm VERY jealous that you can actually read Ms. Martina "I'm only going to write in German cuz it's my native language" Kink's blog. Personally I think it's quite selfish of Kinky not to keep up two blogs... (Just kidding. I just know how brilliant she is in English - I know she'd blow my mind in German.)

Thanks again for stopping by! - bb