October 25, 2006

For XTC fans.

If you're a fan, you know that XTC memorabilia is rare indeed. There are only 200 of these, and Andy and Colin are signing each set, so I'm sure they'll go fast.

Idea have commissioned sculptor Ian Kay of York’s Irregular Miniatures to bring to life what is hoped will be a whole range of xtc collectors figures in metal. Each set will show the band from a period in their history commencing with the ‘White Music’ era. You’ll get Andy, Colin, Terry and Barry in a live setting with relevant instruments (e.g. Barry comes with his Krumar Organ and Lawrence Piano), dressed in their monochrome best, all figures (55mm high) and equipment are cast in white metal and are hand painted, held securely in foam and clad in a pictorial card sleeve which will be signed by Andy and Colin.

Idea Records :: XTC Limited Metal Figures

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