June 25, 2006

Reuter's letters to the editor.

I didn't know this existed. It's hilarious. (Czelt, you're gonna love it.)

The Karl Rove photo with the exit sign in the background is a disgusting bit of political hackery and not worthy of the formerly distinguished Reuters name. Shame on you. - J.L.O.

Quite a bit of e-mail about this photo. Reuters issued five pictures of Rove from the same event, and the EXIT sign was only visible in one of them. Our photographers just don’t have time to frame their photos around handy subliminal messages. - Editor

Reuters.com :: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

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czeltic girl said...

Brilliant! I used to love reading the letters to the editor that came in while I was at Mother Journal. The best ones were the ones that came written in crayon. Second best were some people's story ideas.

Ratio of letters from nutcases vs. letters from people with legitimate comments or complaints about stories that ran in the paper: About 10:1.