June 05, 2006

Hotel as art? Art as hotel?

I'm not crazy about the decor, but the bathroom and the view are fab.

Everland is a single-room Hotel with a bathroom deluxe, a king-size bed and a lounge. The bounteous dimensioned room represents the subjective dream of a hotel: the architecture, the playful details, aswell as the request to steal the golden embroidered bath towels. All Everland guests are partaking in the project. [...]

From June 2006 untill August 2007 Hotel Everland placed on the roof of the Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig, Germany. During the opening times of the museum, visitors can take a peek at the Hotel.

After closing hours it's reserved to the happy ones that have booked Hotel Everland for a night.

Hotel Everland


Anonymous said...

I agree, not a big fan of the decor, kind of cold. but the views are fabulous. Although I must say I like that they have Prince's Purple Rain sitting next to the record player... kisses, Ann

bb said...

That's so funny. I thought of you as soon as I saw that. For obvious reasons. x! :)