June 26, 2006

Catherine Ledner. Best animal photographer ever.

The miss of swiss turned me on to the first one, then I did some digging. This woman has a portfolio full of beautiful stuff. Nonetheless I'm a sucker for the aminals.


I contacted Catherine's office via her web site to find out if her prints are available. Here's the response:

Catherine does sell fine art prints, selected animals in editions of 10. I believe the chicken and armadillo are available in these runs. The Cow is also available through all posters.com. There has been an increase in interest as of late and I'm trying to pull together a comprehensive price list on what is available for sell. They range from 1,000-1,800 depending on the size.

Catherine is also in the beginning stages of a publishing deal with the animal prints which we are very much anticipating.

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Anonymous said...

Just saw this over on Swiss Miss. I love it!!