November 30, 2005

15 million candlepower rechargeable flashlight for 30 bucks.

I have absolutely no idea why you would need 15 million candlepower, but maybe someone who sees this will.

Cool Tool: Cyclops Spot Light
Fun home product design.

Sensory Impact :: Airport Games
Mr. Jone's Watch Project.

It makes other watches seem so boring.
For instance, the Tilt watch:

[...] enables the wearer to check the time without looking at their watch or displaying it to others. It is a watch equivalent of Braille – a watch which can be read unsighted. It consists of two opposing faces on the front and back of the wrist. The wearer rotates their arm and as the watch passes through the corresponding angle of the hours and minutes, a pulse is transmitted onto the wrist allowing the wearer to ‘feel’ the time. This discreet action allows one to check the time without appearing either bored or impatient.

Mr Jones Watches :: Tilt
Truly bizarre.

I felt much better when I found out it was part of an Australian Museum exhibit called, "Death - The Last Taboo."

Interactive Autopsy

November 28, 2005

Pretty accurate, I'd say.

ConsumeDaily :: How a designer grows
Update - 11/29:This track seems to have been pulled from the interweb. Since Beck has a (broken) link to it on his site, one can only assume The Gloved One or Sony is not pleased.

A surprisingly good mashup - Beck's "E-pro" & Michael Jackson's "Scream."

Almost reminds you why people liked Michael Jackson. Shame he didn't hang around with people like Beck more...

Michael Jackson vs Beck

(via Our Mediated World)
Shame they're not for sale.

Very cute.

Zinoo Park :: 5 Minute Candles
Why everyone should tip like a civilized human being.

Having a mom who's a waitress, I know the importance of tipping well. So I love this site. The gossip section is great, as is the STD (Shitty Tipper Database).

bitterwaitress :: kiss my bitter ass
Not available in the US. Boo.

Now Kit-Kat has gone the extra mile by inviting top Japanese patissier Yasumato Takagi to create special flavors of Kit-Kat for more adult tastes. And what wonderful tastes they are, created by the man who is considered the king of desserts in Japan, taking the kit-kat to another level. This flavor is wine flavor, made with a cream blending real French wine and chocolate, with a pink color and a distinct wine aftertaste.

Wine Kit Kat Le Patissier Takagi :: Wine Kit Kat

November 23, 2005

Black Friday.

As explained by Drew from

"black friday". that is the term for this friday. if you're reading this from outside the united states, thursday (tomorrow, nov. 24) is a holiday called thanksgiving. i'm sure you've heard about it, but it's a thing we celebrate every year. its roots are in the traditional autumnal harvest festival, coupled with a tale about how when europeans came to america, the indians welcomed them and taught them how to grow corn.

then, shortly after the indians taught the europeans how to grow corn, the europeans promptly gave them disease, set up camp from one side of the continent to the other, and started churning out bumper stickers. the bumper stickers come in two varieties: "extreme viewpoint" and "infuriating cliche".

"black friday" is the day after thanksgiving, because i guess, uh,
well. i don't know why everyone goes out shopping that day. but they do. so. black friday.
Watch your web "traffic."

It's kinda sick, but, if I regularly worked on a PC, I'd try this. (No Mac version. Bummer.)

- See your website visitors as animated characters in a virtual city
- Watch visitors move from page to page and interact with your site
- See buses (search engines) deliver new visitors to buildings
- Pull up detailed 'Passports' on any visitor

VisitorVille :: Web Site Intelligence for Creative Thinkers.
Two frogs ripping on Ticketmaster web site's usability.


Frog Review :: Talking frogs review websites
The man who wouldn't die.

[Marino] gave Malloy unlimited credit, thinking it would soon put an end to him. It didn't; Malloy was in danger of drinking the bar into bankruptcy. Antifreeze, a deadly poison, was substituted for liquor, but still Malloy would drink until he passed out, wake up, and come back for more. Antifreeze was substituted with turpentine, followed by horse liniment, and finally mixed in rat poison. Still Malloy flourished. The gang began to get creative, thinking raw oysters soaked in wood alcohol would do the trick (this idea apparently came from Pasqua, who saw a man die after eating oysters with whiskey, which was probably an anomaly). Then came a sandwich of soiled sardines, carpet tacks, and metal shavings (none of which would likely lead to death in any case).

Wikipedia :: Michael Malloy

(via the always-educational SteelBuddha)
Beautfiful collage work.

The bird boxes are fab as well.

Mary Emma Hawthorne :: White on White
Lovely home page.

potato sweet potato!
If I was an FBI agent

...I'd want to be a member of the year-old, eight-strong FBI Art Crimes Team. There's a TV show in this somewhere.

BBC NEWS :: FBI names top 10 world art crimes
This one's for Umbrellaman, my fellow luggage junkie.

Thought this might come in handy next time you go skiing.

Skiing Luggage ::
A niche art market.

DeadRappers :: Dead Rappers painted on top of a cheesy thrift store print.
Dunno what's weirder.

The hybrid can/bottle or the web page...

NAJARO :: FlavH20
The Apostrophe Protection Society :: Examples of abuse of the Apostrophe

November 22, 2005

Why I love

[Angelina Jolie] could barely suppress a delighted cackle as she greedily thumbed through the pristine pages of her new passport, for she knew that her 20,000 square foot gingerbread palace on the edge of a village just outside Phnom Penh was nearing completion, and soon (so soon), the children would come. All of them. Within a year, her pint-sized rebel army, simultaneously adorable and terrifying in their matching mohawks, would be properly trained, and after a short march to the capital, all of Cambodia would be hers.

Defamer :: Angelina Jolie's Nefarious Plan Coming Together
Please give if you can.

The Hunger Task Force is hitting crisis lows in donations right now. They do amazing work to help people who are in need -- both by distributing food and being a powerful voice for programs to help people get on their feet. And they need help.

Each month, we serve nearly 45,000 people at our food pantries and 60,000 meals at our homeless shelters and meal programs. Half of those receiving food from our food pantries are children.

If you can, please do something now to help them out. If you work at HD and want to give through work, please see Jennifer or Jonathan (by noon Wed.). If you want to give online, please click on the link below. Thanks!

Hunger Task Force :: Donate
Man, I wish we had one of these...

An eco-friendly laundry service that picks up and drops off. Dang.

Welcome to

November 18, 2005

"How to get rid of an Inferiority Complex in a single day!" :: Brand Names Foundation ad

(via Stay Free! Daily)
Though I don't consider myself an atheist, this is interesting.


You are one of life’s enjoyers, determined to get the most you can out of your brief spell on Earth. Probably what first attracted you to atheism was the prospect of liberation from the Ten Commandments, few of which are compatible with a life of pleasure. You play hard and work quite hard, have a strong sense of loyalty and a relaxed but consistent approach to your philosophy.

You can’t see the point of abstract principles and probably wouldn’t lay down your life for a concept though you might for a friend. Something of a champagne humanist, you admire George Bernard Shaw for his cheerful agnosticism and pursuit of sensual rewards and your Hollywood hero is Marlon Brando, who was beautiful, irascible and aimed for goodness in his own tortured way.

Sometimes you might be tempted to allow your own pleasures to take precedence over your ethics. But everyone is striving for that elusive balance between the good and the happy life. You’d probably open another bottle and say there’s no contest.

What kind of humanist are you? Click here to find out.

p.s. I'm waiting on client feedback, offering me ample surfing time. Yay!
Six Degrees of Smoking

This lighter was distributed for artistic purposes. Please photograph yourself smoking a cigarette lit by this lighter and pass the lighter on to a fellow smoker (either a friend or a stranger.)

James Robert Ford
Not a fan of pet dress-up

...but my cat, Macy, would dig this toy. Plus, it's a good looking site.

Holydog LONDON :: Street Fashion for Cats and Dogs
For Mac geeks

This is a great article about the 1984 commercial, and there's a behind the scenes video at the end of it.

Curt's Media: The 1984 Apple Commercial
Single-minded insanity.

Tim Kehoe has stained the whites of his eyes deep blue. He's also stained his face, his car, several bathtubs and a few dozen children. He's had to evacuate his family because he filled the house with noxious fumes. He's ruined every kitchen he's ever had. Kehoe, a 35-year-old toy inventor from St. Paul, Minnesota, has done all this in an effort to make real an idea he had more than 10 years ago, one he's been told repeatedly cannot be realized: a colored bubble.

Popular Science :: The 11-Year Quest to Create Disappearing Colored Bubbles

(Excellent tip, Travis. Yer ace.)
Lovely website.

Making a serious subject more palatable. (Check out the downloads. Fab.)

Blogthings - What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

(via my favoritest pirate, SteelBuddha)
Possibly the best tribute EVER to a cheeseball actor.

Top Thirty Facts about Chuck Norris.

(via YBNBY.)

November 17, 2005

Sometimes the lines between real and virtual can get TOO blurry.

Earlier this month, ABC announced plans to introduce a subplot to [Lost] about a character named Gary Troup, a fictitious author who died in the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, but not before he dropped off a manuscript with his publisher.

ABC teamed with Hyperion Books to publish the supposed manuscript, titled Bad Twin, which will be written by a name-brand author with guidance from show writers

Yahoo! Top Stories - "Lost" Finds Its Calling
A lovely interweb story.

The step between IKEA and real grown-up furniture.

Limited selection, but their prices amaze me.

Eurway :: Innovative Affordable Furniture
SmitHappens :: Charlie Brown Hey Ya! Video!

Simply because I have no idea what difference this makes and because they're cute little critters, I think it's a cause for celebration. New lemurs! Yay!

BBC NEWS :: New lemurs found in Madagascar
I find the blogosphere unsettling sometimes.

The fact that Pete Townsend and I both have a Blogger blog... it's just weird.

Blogger: User Profile - Pete Townshend

November 15, 2005 :: Electronic paper moves from sci-fi to marketplace

But, much like when LCD displays came to the market, consumers are first likely to see the technology in clocks and watches. The popular example of an electronic newspaper that automatically updates itself wirelessly is still years away.

Think clowns are scary?

Check this out...

Welcome to International Ventriloqust Association
Today in history:

It was on this day in 1940 that 75,000 men were called to Armed Forces duty under the first peacetime conscription in American history.

[...] Franklin Roosevelt's decision to impose a draft in the summer of 1940 was especially controversial because the country wasn't even at war. But Americans had all seen newspaper and newsreel coverage of the German Army rolling over Poland in a few weeks, and doing the same in France in a few months. By June of that year, Germans controlled most of the European continent, and the United States had a poorly trained standing army of only about 200,000 soldiers.

So even though he worried it might hurt his chances of reelection that November, Franklin Roosevelt signed into law the first peacetime draft in American history. That October, 16 million young men appeared at precinct election boards across the country to register with the Selective Service. The first lottery was held in Washington, D.C., and it was designed to be as patriotic a ceremony as possible. Secretary of War Henry Stimson was blindfolded with cloth taken from a chair that had been used at the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and the ladle he used to scoop out numbers had been made from the wood of one of the rafters of Independence Hall.

The Writer's Almanac from American Public Media

November 14, 2005

Think they sound like Barry White to girl mice? :: Study - Mice sing mating song
Uneven, but fun.

A mashup of the Beasties' "Right Now" with Sweet's "Ballroom Blitz." (Stab) :: right now ballroom blitz

(via Ektopia)
If I decorated for Christmas, this would be my tree. :: Charlie Brown Pathetic Tree
I'm sure it's helpful

...but I just find it incredibly weird.

My Style Wedding :: Dream it. Plan it. Live it.
Absolutely astounding news.

The mind reels to think how very, very different the world could/might be if this is true.

Times Online :: Man 'cured' of HIV agrees to undergo further clinical tests
In the new world order, everyone will have bangin' hair.

[Video - Blow Out.]

goldenfiddle :: Bangin hair

(kudos to The Monk for clueing me in.)
Bad Jesus art

I can't stop looking. The name alone made it impossible to ignore.

Jesus of the Week 2005
JS Online :: Plane crashes in Riverwest

Lorraine & Doreen - I know you'll appreciate this. It was on the 2500 block of Weil...

This photo is the best.

November 11, 2005

Travel tip.

Excellent tip from Bradley* -- a travel search engine that checks prices on 100 online travel sites, then sends you off to book directly with an airline to avoid booking fees.

Kayak :: Cheap Airfare, Hotel Reservations, Car Rentals

*via Eric (hello, Eric!)
Seriously cool shopping.

I love these Day of the Dead figurines.

SilverCrow Creations - Sundries & Specialties

(This may be my best blogging find all year. You have to tool around this site. SO fun.)
BB's tour of Boston.

This is what it looks like. Really. I took the Gov't Ctr exit over and over again...

Wikipedia :: Boston
Brandon Bird :: Letters to Walken

(and a bonus for L&O fans: A Night Away)
Archie McPhee :: Obsessive Compulsive Action Figure

November 10, 2005

Sorry for the dearth of link-ity goodness, kids. I've been locked in a conference room in Quincy, MA -- just outside Boston -- for two days. Or attempting not to get lost in The Big Dig tunnels. FYI - I love Boston. I love the people. I love the architecture. But driving around this city is insane. All angles, no grid. Crazy, crazy, crazy.

Anyway, I'll be back in Milwaukee tomorrow. Talk to you then... x!

November 04, 2005


By Milwaukee artist, Nicholas Lampert.

Meatscapes Menu

I like his agit-prop as well. Here's his full portfolio site.
Machine Animal Collage

November 03, 2005

Gorgeous vignettes/images of Chinese manufacturing plants.

I'd like to slap the artist upside the head for his ungodly site navigation. But these photos are stunning. But sure to click all the way through to the full-size image for the full effect.

Edward Burtynsky :: China - Manufacturing

The rest of his photos are here.

If Fox News Had Been Around Throughout History

The coverage of the crucifixion is my favorite.

(via YBNBY)

November 02, 2005

Supercheap MP3s.

I just ran across this Russian MP3 download site. 10 cents a song. I can download one of my favorite albums for $1.08. Hmm. Think it's legal?

MP3Search.Ru :: Soul Coughing - Irresistible Bliss
Own A Piece Of America :: A Unique Gift Idea

It's free AND funny.

You'll immediately be a registered owner of your own one-square inch 'parcel' of land in any state in the USA.

(thanks, Czeltic Girl! Ace tip.)
Lovely shadows.

AdamFrank :: Lumen Tree
A watchdog weblog for correct use of the word "literally."

Pretty funny.

Literally, A Web Log

November 01, 2005

This looks amazing.

I love beautifully written and illustrated children's books. Alice in Wonderland. Grimm's Faerie Tales. So this one looks like it may work its way into my book collection some day. (But at $120 per book, I may settle for the under-$25 calendar.)

Little Nemo in Slumberland

NYT Book Review :: Restoring Slumberland
Otter rejected by Mensa.

Animals Have Problems Too

(via Grow-a-brain)
This makes me happy.

Showtime has licensed some of swissmiss's photos for their "Sho Next" brand identity. I'm so proud of my long distance roommate. :)

(Can't wait to see you Friday, T!)

swissmiss :: ShoNext pix
Interesting tidbit: Book means cool.

...It comes from text messaging culture. When you type with predictive text on your mobile phone the word ‘cool’ the word ‘book’ first appears. Users should then flick through the list of possible words to get to ‘cool’. British youth appears to be avoiding the additional keystrokes and using the word ‘book’ instead.

(via PSFK)
Holy cow.

The Register :: Docs sew skull fragment in patient's belly

Surgeons obliged to remove a fragment of skull from a man with head injuries inserted it into his belly for safekeeping and three months later successfully reattached the missing piece of cranium, the Telegraph and others report.