June 25, 2013

A tiny wooden steamship.

It actually works! Coo.

The ship has an engine – but an unusual type, one that manages without pistons, wheels or cylinders. It consists of a brass pipe and a tea candle. First fill the pipe with water. Then light the tea candle. When the water comes to the boil, it turns into steam and seeks to escape. This produces a partial vacuum in the pipe, which in turns sucks in fresh water. The force of the escaping steam being stronger than that of the incoming water, the ship is propelled in a forward direction – for some time, until the flame of the tea candle goes out.

Steamship with special Pulsation Engine - Manufactum


Linde D said...

Wow this is an amazing little ship!
unfortunately no longer for sale at the link provided...

looks simple enough to DIY though ;)

Anonymous said...

This is close.
I've bought from the company at the link - they are really nice people (long story)

Anonymous said...

I can make one for you!

I have a couple in stock too!