January 30, 2013

Pigeon Post.

I've been dying to post this, but I wanted to see if it actually worked first. It did! I sent one of these off to my friend Tina last week, and it got there today.

This is quite possibly the greatest way to send snail mail ever. Well done, 16 Sparrows. Well done.

Place your message in the supplied pouch, put the stamps on it, and pop it in the blue mail box on your corner! The bird will arrive at its destination to the delight and awe the recipient. Included in the kit:
  • 1 Pigeon (plastic, not real folks!)
  • 3 Pigeon Post message forms 3 mailing label pouches
  • Instructions on how to mail
  • Postage for one mailing

16 Sparrows | Pigeon Post
(Thanks to Olga Nunes for posting Pigeon Post on her twitter feed! Lovely girl.)

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