February 07, 2013

PUBLIC Farmers Market Twin Pannier

If you know anything about cycling, you probably know that nice bike gear can be crazy expensive. $39 is a great price for a really useful, well-designed bike accessory like this.

We designed our PUBLIC Farmers Market Twin Panniers inspired by the traditional bicycle bags that are seen throughout Europe and especially in Holland, modifying them for the US market (and making them more affordable). They sit like saddle bags on the rear rack and have a handy carrying handle that makes it easy for taking on and off (though many of us prefer to leave them permanently on the bike). Having twin panniers allows you to store your lock and helmet, sweater or jacket when not in use. It also provides you with enough space for a shoulder bag, purse, groceries, laptop, bottles of wine, and anything else you might pick up along the road.
Our panniers are made from durable fabric that is usually used for trucking tarps. The white fabric is highly visible, the colorful panels and stripes add a splash of fun, and the reflective tape adds a splash of safety.

PUBLIC Farmers Market Twin Pannier
 (You might want to check out some of the other sale items, too. Nice prices.)

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