December 15, 2009

Maya Angelou.

Okay. This took me by surprise.

Right, the first thing that hits your lips when you think of Maya Angelou is that she’s “Miss Calypso.” In her early days, the prophet poetess was an oiled-up chanteuse in a slinky red dress back-bending under the limbo bar. This Liberty LP was recorded at The Keyboard club in Hollywood in 1956.

Angelou’s Afro-Cuban-Blues-Jazz songs included “Scandal In the Family”, “Mambo In Africa”, “Donkey City” and “Stone Cold Dead In The Market”, the first two of which she wrote herself, and which undoubtedly tweaked her mind to be able to turn out the voluminous amount of socially-significant material that later tweaked so much of American and world culture.

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Fragrant Liar said...

OMG! I remember seeing this album cover when I was a kid (yes, I am that, um, mature). Miss Calypso is pretty memorable! Who knew Miss Calypso would turn out to be the Poetesse!