August 20, 2007

Seriously depressing.

The New York Times > Magazine > Annual Leave

(via Creativity Online)


Anonymous said...

Et oui ! En France nous avons le plaisir d'avoir d'avoir 5 semaines de vacances + quelques jours. Nous travaillons environ 218 jours par an.

Yes ! In France we have the pleasure to have 5 weeks of holiday (paid) + somes days. We're working arround 218 days per year.

Come in France, your welcome !

bb said...

Awww. Your message just cheered me up. I've never been invited to France before. :)

Anonymous said...

And I am telling you, after I moved to Sweden I got used to 25 days so quickly (I actually have 30 now), that at the moment I still think it's not enough !!!!

Anonymous said...

one week to yourself for every season of the year seems like the right way to live.

Susan Schwake said...

can i just say, awhhhhhh?
it is barbaric here i tell you!
viva la france.