December 09, 2009

People really do win travel contests.

I say this from personal experience – I'm leaving for Paris today, courtesy of Corbis Image's "Storied" twitter contest. Less than 2 seconds of my life spent re-tweeting a message won me a trip for two to France. CRAZY.

So things may be quiet around here until next week when I get back. I've got some very important business to attend to.

(FYI - because I'm a contest addict, I've started a sweepstakes & travel contests page on Facebook, if you're interested.)

A bientôt! Je vais à Paris! Merci bien, Corbis!*

*Yes, I totally used Google Translate for that.

(Top image: Shari Elf)

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I'm a long time reader. And right now I live in Paris. If you have a free evening, and willing to try something local, let me know.