October 10, 2005

Truly lovely multi-media piece.

200 beautiful large scale photos, housed in a 45,000 sq. ft. portable museum made of mostly recycled materials. Based on the theme of one man's year-long journey* and the 365 letters he writes to his wife while he's away. I would LOVE to see this.

Ashes and Snow

*a wanderjahr, monk! (I knew that phrase would come in handy.)


czeltic girl said...

We tried to go to the Nomadic Museum when we were in NY this spring. Got there just as it was closing. Foo. The outside of the museum's pretty cool, though.

Anonymous said...

I too was entranced by the cool site and intriguing images... and I have one (kids reading to an elephant) posted in my "cube". While in NYC this spring, I was *so* tempted to sneak away from the tradeshow I was attending to check out this show. I am therefore sad to report that several arty friends who live in NY were vocally disappointed by the exhibit; they found it frustratingly cliché and "false". Strange! Would still like to see for myself...