August 23, 2013

Best etsy shop ever?

grip tape HERB HOLDER – $35.00

LIVE STRONG yellow Hotdog, Pen, and Q-Tip HOLDER / The Exquisite Design You Trust & The Phenomenal Tastes You Grew Up With (Quite Limited) – $80.00
SEASONAL DECOR applewood farms organic uncured HOTDOG in L'il Pumpkin (Aka Yung Pumpkin) Very Cute simultaneously agreed upon (Unique) – $120.00

organic Orange CHEETO black Tank Top size M (RANDOM Halloween Costume, Fun) Unique and consistently Exotic – $60.00

Vacuum sealed DORITOSLOCOS taco MASTER LOCKED shut (Key Sold Separately) Highly Significant (Consider The Consequences of Tardiness) – $65.00

BSTJ etsy Store  (via Buzzfeed DIY)

Thank you, to the McWizzles (Mike and Colleen), for the tip.

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