July 24, 2013

Crystal Palace digs: before & after.

Ever since I first heard about the original Crystal Palace in London, I've been enamored by it. So, when I saw this post on Apartment Therapy about a woman who renovated the bathrooms of the old girl, I was completely giddy. So. Fab.

I've long admired the ingenuity of Londoners when it comes to small spaces. Their storied city of eight million has housing prices even higher than New York's, which means crafty Londoners often have to squeeze in wherever they can. (Case in point: this 77 square foot apartment on the market a few years ago for $335K.) But young architect Laura Clark really takes the cake. She's managed to create a beautiful home — out of a public restroom.

Read the rest here:
Before & After: From Public Restroom to Home Sweet Home The Telegraph | Apartment Therapy

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