April 10, 2013

Radiator retrofit cover controls heat & cuts emissions.

I don't live in a place with radiators anymore, but, man – if I did, I'd keep my eye on this product from Radiator Labs. It's still in development, but, if it works, it could be a godsend for a lot of people battling major temperature swings.

Those living in older steam-heated buildings will know how inefficient the systems are, experiencing cold temperatures when the boiler is off and unbearably heat when it is on. Considering some apartment complexes have just one boiler controlling the whole system, that’s a lot of people having to put up with temperature swings. The Radiator Labs solution is an insulated cover that can be placed over the typical steam-heated radiator, which stops heat from immediately filling the room. A sensor fitted to the cover acts as a thermostat – when it detects that the room is too cold, the trapped heat is released via a fan located on the side of the cover. According to Marshall Cox, who created the device while studying for a PhD at Columbia University, the system would help reduce carbon emissions from steam-based radiators and save money for owners if implemented.
Steam-heat radiator retrofit controls heat and cuts emissions | Springwise

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