February 28, 2013

50 CENTS A YEAR to end SEVEN diseases by 2020.

That's all it will take. The problem is huge; the solution is simple. Seriously, 50 CENTS. That's how cheap medication is. And it's simply not getting to the people that need it.

This first video is incredibly powerful and persuasive. But, if you're a bit squeamish (or eating at the moment), you can watch the second video for the whole story. 

I've dug in and believe this is a truly noble cause. So, I'm spreading the word and donating $5/mo. I hope you'll donate as well – even if it's just 50 cents, one time. 

End7 is a campaign from The Global Network – an initiative of the U.S.-based Sabin Vaccine Institute – that works with international partners at the highest levels of government, business, and society to break down the logistical and financial barriers to delivering existing NTD treatments to the people who need them most.

END7.ORG  |  Please donate now

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