May 11, 2012

Retro Basic Custom Wall Sticker.

I was never a gamer, but I kind of want one of these retro custom wall stickers.

A bit target reference, but anyone who owned a home computer in the 80's whether it be a ZX-81, Commodore 64 or BBC (acorn electron doesn't count!), will remember typing this in at some point (we certainly did!). Anyway, you can customise this wall sticker with your own text to add a bit of retro basic to your wall. 

Spin Collective UK - Retro Basic Custom Wall Sticker


Unknown said...

Fitting your new Custom Wall Stickers will be a fun and easy experience as we supply you with all you need, a professionally made wall sticker and a set of simple instructions carefully written by us. We want you to achieve perfect results and tell the world where you bought your wall stickers from!

Nursery Wall Stickers said...

Love this blog! We just rented a new place and it needs to be furnished, and this is soooo handy!