April 23, 2012

Hierbas de botica (Pharmacy herbs) by luzinterruptus.

How can you fight light pollution? If you're a guerrilla artist, you can do a playful installation with a serious message. Really lovely.

Of all the environmental pollution that can be found in the city of Madrid, the most evident is light pollution, so much so that in our sky we can never see the Milky Way and hardly any stars. This overillumination is evident to the naked eye at a distance of more than 200 kms and produces a glow that can be seen with a medium-size telescope for more than 700 kms.

It is therefore very surprising, that at a time when the European Union is so careful with issues of environmental pollution, the Dept. of the Environment of the City Council of Madrid rules for illuminated signs, adopted a couple of years ago, changed the rules for pharmacy signs, to allow them to be replaced with much more powerful ones.

So much light emanates from the new crosses that the environment that surrounds each pharmacy, is permanently tinted a deep, vibrant and unnatural green color. Objectively speaking, one could say that the majority of the urban green spaces in our city, are more the result of erroneous illuminated sign rules than the commitment of our institutions to provide the city with places where you can be in contact with nature.

Read the whole story and see more fab photos over at luzinterruptus' site:
Hierbas de botica / Pharmacy herbs | luzinterruptus

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kamagra said...

Wonderful illuminated lights environmentally friendly and safe. Energy saving device can be seen a hundred kilometers.

Anonymous said...

ahahaha nice lights... I actually thought at first glance they were really herbs,,,