September 15, 2010

Bonsai forest kit.

I love tiny trees.

Elegantly understated, this bonsai forest pairs clean lines and industrial materials with the ancient art of miniature gardening. The contemporary design maintains a traditional awareness to complement a variety of both indoor and outdoor spaces.

This kit includes everything needed to grow and sculpt trees into works of living art: seedling training pots, tree and moss seed, seed-starting wafers, growing medium, and river stones. Also included are bonsai scissors, rake, and spade — authentic tools which have been made by the same company since 1663! — and complete growing directions.

Bonsai Forest Kit: Dawn Redwood : Branch: Sustainable Design for Living

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Bonsai Forest said...

Wow so nice Bonsai forest kit! I like this site. Keep it working every day. Thanks a lot!